Stanford Technical Institute Inc. (STI)

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has been in existence since August 1998.  We are a small independent IT training company training and preparing individuals and small businesses to use today’s latest technology.  Our IT Company prides itself on being one of the best IT training services.  We prepare our clients for a more promising career giving them the technological edge [...]

Stanford Technology Program


Through our successful education and training program we have empowered individuals and increased their self-worth in the job market through our customized/tailored programs and schedules meeting our client’s needs.  Our successful method of hands-on practice, real-life exercises and situations increases productivity and efficiency and delivers exceptional results.  Working in small groups has allowed our clients [...]



Our staff is highly qualified in Information Technology and hold IT certifications.  Our staff has over 25 years of IT experience with the following certifications:  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), CompTIA A+ Certification, and Certified Novell Engineer (CNE).  This is only a highlight of what our staff has to offer.


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Courses Offered

  • ms-office

    MS Office

    Our Microsoft Office Program enables our clients to apply multiple skill sets in the work force and exhibit professional skills within a specific Microsoft product. Our objectives are to offer clients with no computer experience, as well as higher level clients the following: All levels in Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced in MS Windows 7, Microsoft [...]

  • technical-other


    STI provides Instructor-led training in MS Office (basic, intermediate and advanced), Career Development, Computer-aided Instruction, and implementation of Networked Computer Labs. STI also has the expertise in optimizing your computer software, hardware and information systems, applications installation, database backup, systems maintenance, and integrated and complex computer business systems. We can successfully bring custom solutions to [...]

  • caree-development

    Career Development

    Our Company provides personal assessment of individuals using interviews, diagnostic tools and testing to identify individual needs and ensure a fitting and intensive program for all individuals. We can customize a program designed to fit the goals of your company and meet the needs of individuals, and will produce direct and measureable results. In addition, [...]